Club Schedule

sPRING 2018


Monday, JANUARY 29

Introductory meeting.

Monday, FEBRUARY 5

Reading groups and editing committee.

Monday, FEBRUARY 12

Reading groups and editing committee.

Monday, FEBRUARY 19

Reading groups, editing committee, and art selection.

Monday, FEBRUARY 26

Reading groups, editing committee, and art selection.

Monday, march 5

No meeting (Spring break).

Monday, march 12

Reading groups.

Monday, march 19

Reading groups and design committee.

Monday, march 26

Club dinner.

Monday, APRIL 2

Design committee.

Monday, APRIL 9

E-board elections for 2018-19

ThURsday, april 26

Release Event at Poetry Center, 7PM


Persona Club Constitution


Persona Staff Application (2017-18)


Staff FAQs


How do I become part of the selection staff?

Come to our recruitment meeting! See what Persona is all about, and fill out a staff application form. 

I missed the first meeting, but I still want to join. What should I do?

Email one of our board members for a more detailed response. The short answer is to come to our next meeting (Monday evenings at 7PM).

Why can’t I be a board member the year I join?

To qualify for a board position, you must have been an active member for at least one reading semester. Voting for board members takes place at the end of the Spring semester.

If I want to be on staff, can I still submit to Persona?

Unfortunately, no. The selection process is entirely anonymous, and in order to maintain the integrity of the magazine, we cannot publish staff writing. However, members on the selection staff are allowed to submit art, and members on the art team are allowed to submit writing. 

If I’ve submitted to Persona, can I still join the staff?

If you’ve submitted writing or art that is currently under judgment for the upcoming issue, you cannot join Persona’s selection staff or art team, respectively, for this year. However, you may be on the selection staff and submit art, or you may be on the art team and submit writing.